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Students and graduates

Students and graduates

An apprenticeship in our company enables young people to start their professional career quickly and gain experience and knowledge. All this under the guidance of an experienced mentor who will give them an idea of the role they will have to fulfil in their chosen profession.
In cooperation with a local higher vocational school, we offer a dual training programme that offers the opportunity to prepare for a future career in the field of machine and system mechanics and electrical engineering mechanics in a modern, innovative working environment of a stable, international company.
Holiday jobs
During your apprenticeship with us, we guarantee practical on-the-job training - which means lots of valuable practical experience under the expert guidance of our experienced colleagues. At SK-CONT we like to work with young people. That is why we offer work placements for students and pupils from various areas during the summer months.

We offer:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Catering is fully covered by the employer during practical training
  • Company scholarship
  • Remuneration for productive work from grade 3 upwards in the amount of 100% of the minimum hourly wage
  • After graduation, we offer the prospect of permanent employment.


In collaboration with: Stredná odborná škola technická Komárno a Stredná priemyselná škola Komárno.