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Industrial Engineering



The introduction of automation is a logical consequence of today's time in order to achieve the goal of higher labour productivity under demanding production conditions. Automation along with robotisation is present from the manufacture of simple components to the welding of shaped and dimensionally complicated parts. As part of our investments into production at SK-CONT, we are replacing continuous processes that are difficult to control with robotic systems.




With regards the constant product development of the storage container, the engineering team focuses on improving production processes and on correctly selected production technologies and procedures. The development of containers does not only involves increasing the manufacturing quality, but also increasing their service life and improving all functional properties. In the mass production of storage containers, continuous development is a very important part to strengthen our market position.

A young team

Young and motivated team

In the engineering department at SK-CONT we have young and motivated employees who bring new perspectives to production processes with their concept proposals. The team makes great use of the knowledge they have gained so far in the field of storage container production. Automation and robotisation are closely linked to the training of qualified personnel who can exploit the possibilities of modern technology.
Modern technology

Modern technologies

Modern technologies are an integral part of daily life in the 21st century and have become indispensable for the development of new products. At our workplaces, we successfully use robotic welding to connect and assemble individual container parts. Our company goal is to increasingly integrate new and advanced technologies into our production processes. 

We use top robotic devices from ABB and CLOOS in production, which are serviced and maintained by our trained staff.